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I     news
II    profile
        2.1  ryul song
        2.2  christian schweitzer
        2.3  office
III   work
        3.1  projects
        3.2  competitions
        3.3  theory
IV    exhibitions
        4.1  installations
        4.2  project exhibitions
        4.3  curation
V     publications

        5.1  depth report / based in seoul, in wide AR 9-10/2012
        5.2  place of memories, architecture of ethics / seoinsa-madang traditional culture centre, in wide AR 9-10/2012
        5.3  plastic space: temporary impossibilities in seoul, in studioplex volume 1
        5.4  seoinsa-madang traditional culture centre, in c3 no.336 / 1208
        5.5  flip flap loco 03, in switching on the darkness / another word
        5.6  seoinsa-madang traditional culture centre, in heritage tomorrow project 3
        5.7  flip flap loco 02, in digi(tal) complex sensibility
        5.8  architecture, in prada transformer / trans-formation
        5.9  liquid plans, in archiscape
        5.10 talking about city, architecture and society, in faster and bigger
        5.11 the door to the garden, in space 481/2007
        5.12 the art of seduction, in plus 245/2007
        5.13 the black borderline, in slow city suncheon
        5.14 prototyping - local strategies and global thinking, in slow city suncheon
        5.15 sa 2006 summer workshop, in architecture and culture 09/2006
        5.16 korean/german moot, in cheonggyechon cha-cha
        5.17 pieces of infinity, in suptext 07/2005
        5.18 UA project review 2005-2012
        5.19 die tuer zum garten, in blattspezial 2/2005
        5.20 common sense, global sense, in quaderns special edition 2004
        5.21 citta come neologismo: francoforte sul meno, in endas cesena 1/2003
        5.22 setup for an electrotectural experiment, in suptext 1/2000
        5.23 suptext 2000-2007

              edited and published by christian schweitzer, ryul song, dietrich pressel, frankfurt, seoul

              suptext is a non-commercial magazine published on an irregular base, given only to our friends and colleagues,
              to enhance our discourse on architecture and to establish a thinking exchange. it was founded in 2000 at
              luis m. mansilla and emilio tunon's suggestion who brought their circo magazine to the staedelschool frankfurt
              in 1997. since 2005 suptext is also published as special university editions for our students as background
              readers to supplement our lectures and seminars.

              suptext no.3 2007, THE BLACK BORDERLINE Christian Schweitzer
              suptext no.2 2007, THE REBELL SELL Joseph Heath, Andrew Potter
              suptext no.1 2007, THE OTHER PUBLIC SPACE: THE KOREAN '-BANG' CULTURE Kwangsoo Kim (read)

              suptext no.5 2006, GLOBALIZATION Rem Koolhaas
              suptext no.4 2006, BUILDING DWELLING THINKING Martin Heidegger
              suptext no.3 2006, THE GENERIC CITY Rem Koolhaas
              suptext no.2 2006, ARCHITECTURE AND EXISTENTIALISM Ignasi deSola-Morales
              suptext no.1 2006, TOWARDS A SOCIOLOGY OF INTERIOR DESIGN? Jean Baudrillard

              suptext no.8 2005, A DISCUSSION Enric Miralles
              suptext no.7 2005, PIECES OF INFINITY Ryul Song (read)
              suptext no.6 2005, MODERN TIMES Bert Rebhandl
              suptext no.5 2005, AN INCOMPLETE MANIFESTO OF GROWTH Bruce Mau
              suptext no.4 2005, THE FOUNTAINHEAD Ayn Rand
              suptext no.3 2005, PLASTIC SPACE Hans Hollein
              suptext no.2 2005, THE GREAT GAME TO COME Constant Nieuwenhuis
              suptext no.1 2005, TERRITORY Alison+Peter Smithson

              suptext 2000-2004 are not available as digital files

        5.24 paradox space, in show your hand
        5.25 zur psychologie des sexus, in metronome 4-5-6/1999
        5.26 szenario akademie, in metronome 4-5-6/1999

VI    teaching
        6.1  design studio
        6.2  theory classes
        6.3  lectures
        6.4  workshops
VII   contact

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