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          3.3.1  plastic space
          3.3.2  suncheonization
          3.3.3  the black borderline
          3.3.4  liquid plans

Liquid Plans
by Ryul Song, Christian Schweitzer

liquid plans

liquid plans

liquid plans

liquid plans

liquid plans

published in archiscape, pp. 140-143

The Liquid Plan series is an attempt to look beyond the architectural result, beyond our understanding of architecture as building. It is an altercation with the nature of the production of architects, with the self-contained value of every step in the process of creation by an architect.
By ‘liquefying’ the floor plans of those projects that end up as paper projects we try to transform the result of our work into a new independent condition of aggregation, in the attempt to give them a ‘right of existence’ beyond their initial ‘failed’ purpose, and to discover new layers of meaning within them.

Liquid Plan #1
House Yangji_Yangji_1st Floor

Liquid Plan #10
Namseoul Church_Seoul_1st Floor

Liquid Plan #24
Madood Research Building_Seoul_1st Basement

Liquid Plan #33
Extension Schlossmuseum_Linz_3rd Floor

Detail Liquid Plan #1
House Yangji_Yangji_1st Floor

          3.3.5  korean/german moot
          3.3.6  the ulterior dimensions of the line
          3.3.7  architecture as non-objectivity
          3.3.8  die tür zum garten
          3.3.9  setup for an electrotectural experiment
          3.3.10 zur psychologie des sexus
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