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I     news
II    profile
        2.1  ryul song
        2.2  christian schweitzer
        2.3  office
III   work
        3.1  projects
        3.2  competitions
        3.3  theory
IV    exhibitions
        4.1  installations
        4.2  project exhibitions
        4.3  curation
V     publications

        5.1  depth report / based in seoul, in wide AR 9-10/2012
        5.2  place of memories, architecture of ethics / seoinsa-madang traditional culture centre, in wide AR 9-10/2012
        5.3  plastic space: temporary impossibilities in seoul, in studioplex volume 1
        5.4  seoinsa-madang traditional culture centre, in c3 no.336 / 1208
        5.5  flip flap loco 03, in switching on the darkness / another word
        5.6  seoinsa-madang traditional culture centre, in heritage tomorrow project 3
        5.7  flip flap loco 02, in digi(tal) complex sensibility
        5.8  architecture, in prada transformer / trans-formation
        5.9  liquid plans, in archiscape
        5.10 talking about city, architecture and society, in faster and bigger
        5.11 the door to the garden, in space 481/2007
        5.12 the art of seduction, in plus 245/2007
        5.13 the black borderline, in slow city suncheon
        5.14 prototyping - local strategies and global thinking, in slow city suncheon
        5.15 sa 2006 summer workshop, in architecture and culture 09/2006
        5.16 korean/german moot, in cheonggyechon cha-cha
        5.17 pieces of infinity, in suptext 07/2005
        5.18 UA project review 2005-2012

ua review 2011

    advanced design studio 2011 / plastic space
    by christian schweitzer with myeonghei seol, hyuna lee, deokjae kim, seonju kim,
    keonsoo koh, samuel kwon, daeyong ahn, juwon eom
    in UA project review 2011, pp. 162-179,
    edited by sohyun ghim, minseong kim, jonghwa kim
    published by jongwon park / korea national university of arts, seoul, 2012

ua review 2010

    advanced design studio 2010 / engaging in a conversation
    by christian schweitzer with sukhyun kim, kyungkyo lee, sungha hwang, ran kim,
    seunghwan kim, hanuisori you, healip lee, kangil ji, younah choi
    in UA project review 2010, pp. 122-141,
    edited by minho seo, minseong kim, jonghwa kim
    published by jongwon park / korea national university of arts, seoul, 2011

ua review 2009

    intermediate design studio 2009 / extreme environment
    by christian schweitzer with donghyun kim, minseong kim, jisoo park, myeonghei seol,
    sungwhan kang, heecheon kim, daehhyun wi, yowon jang
    in UA project review 2009, pp. 98-117,
    edited by juwon eom, sunha joo, minho seo
    published by jongwon park / korea national university of arts, seoul, 2010

ua review 2008

    advanced design studio 2008 / through the looking glass
    by ryul song with seunghwan kim, jiwon kim, byoungkuk na, sooyeon kang, hankee kim
    in UA project review 2008, pp. 136-147,
    edited by seunghui seo, juwon eom, sunha joo
    published by chiwoo hwang / korea national university of arts, seoul, 2009

    intermediate design studio 2008 / from the house of the future to the house of today
    by christian schweitzer with jihyun park, minho seo, seul lee, hyunah lee, jungmin han
    gaeun kim, minji kim, younghoon kim, hanbaek park, sunha joo
    in ibidem, pp. 78-99,

ua review 2007

    advanced design studio 2007 / psychoanalysis
    by ryul song with garim shin, heeyeon so, hongyi choi, jehee moon,
    joohyung koh, sunhyung park
    in UA project review 2007, pp. 132-145,
    edited by kihyun kim, yerim yang, seunghui seo
    published by chiwoo hwang / korea national university of arts, seoul, 2008

    intermediate design studio 2007 / survival shopping
    by christian schweitzer with chaewon ahn, minyuk choi, hakseop shin, hyunduck lee,
    yeonjoo kang, youngsun yoon, yerim kang, kihyun kim, kon kim
    in ibidem, pp. 78-97,

ua review 2006

    intermediate design studio 2006 / mass housing transition
    by ryul song, christian schweitzer with youngjoon chung, jisu park, ran kim, sangjae chong,
    yeonjoo kang, jaeho park, hanuisori you, jeemin lee
    in UA project review 2006, pp. 46-61,
    edited by kyungsun park, kihyun kim, yerim yang
    published by chiwoo hwang / korea national university of arts, seoul, 2007

ua review 2005

    basic design studio 2005 / urban exploration
    by ryul song, christian schweitzer with jonghwa kim, jaeho park, jisu park, minho seo,
    seunghee seo, jeemin lee, healip lee, sunha joo
    in UA project review 2005, pp. 6-37,
    edited by kangil ji, kyungsun park, hongyi choi
    published by geonyong lee / korea national university of arts, seoul, 2006

        5.19 die tuer zum garten, in blattspezial 2/2005
        5.20 common sense, global sense, in quaderns special edition 2004
        5.21 citta come neologismo: francoforte sul meno, in endas cesena 1/2003
        5.22 setup for an electrotectural experiment, in suptext 1/2000
        5.23 suptext 2000-2007
        5.24 paradox space, in show your hand
        5.25 zur psychologie des sexus, in metronome 4-5-6/1999
        5.26 szenario akademie, in metronome 4-5-6/1999
VI    teaching
        6.1  design studio
        6.2  theory classes
        6.3  lectures
        6.4  workshops
VII   contact

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